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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2011 6:22pm-6:52pm EDT

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i think it was one of the recent debates or you know it was barack obama himself saying pass my bill because big labor is for it and big business and so you know it's big business and big labor force then who can be against us right it's that kind of attitude that's gotten us into this mess in the first place and until we start thinking our way out of this idea that experience inside the beltway is what's going to solve our problems than argue it's good and i think it's really obvious to you if you start looking at some of the figures and the things that are going on out there right you look at the disapproval ratings the president you look at the very low approval ratings of congress i mean it goes all around you also look at the fact that now the census bureau report just yesterday we have forty six point two million americans living in poverty and those people don't they don't have a voice they don't have a representative and so i mean is that the kind of picture it is that people we had absolutely no voice at all not you and i now the taxpayers and especially not those living in poverty well you know the problem goes even deeper than the lobbying problem which is severe but it comes from a group from another place which is you know look when you look at the way that the congressional districts are actually created and you look at who representatives
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are and who it is they're supposed to be representing they're representing a completely unnatural group of people a virtual constituency that's been deliberately carved up to keep sending the same incumbents back to washington over and over again so even at the level of congressional representation even before the guys outside the revolving door come back in we've already got a perversion of what real representation looks like in a republican democracy so the problem is deep it goes all the way down and this is something of course that keeps happening and sylvania right now is also looking at certain ways to change their electoral voting system which a lot of people worry because and i heard barack obama but at the end of the day and i'm sure they're going to carve it into whatever little you know need piece and puzzle they want but you know this isn't the first time that we've seen this type of situation as you said the problem runs deep and it's not the first time in society in america that we've seen the hands or the power in the hands of so few and not of course in the hands of the many but you think that it's worse than it's been before worse than it's been in the past but here's the problem i think that the. that we've got right now is more divorced from the reality of what's going on
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in this country and the reality of how you produce a really vibrant democracy that has been gushing a long time i don't know if i want to say forever but it's a uniquely bad situation that we're in right now and what about right now makes it so unique why are they more divorce then you can say other lawmakers then well put it this way when you look at it the way it is and this is something that happens on the right or the left the way it is that the latest and greatest policy plan is pitched to the american people you saw this with obama's jobs speech there's on the one hand there's a call to national sacrifice on the other hand there's a call to national greatness these two things are kind of intelligent right because when you call for greatness it make sacrifices petty and small but when you call for sacrifice then the call to greatness looks like sort of self aggrandizing delusions of grandeur but the case that's made is well if only government rouses these feelings of sacrifice and greatness in the american people then we can somehow tether those feelings to this little policy package or you know in the case
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of obama a large four hundred fifty billion dollar policy package it doesn't work that way. in spite of all of our city politicians biggest hopes what actually happens is you have to go through a big period of national suffering i think in order to get a real sense of greatness or a real willingness to sacrifice and no one wants that to be true they want to be able to just stir up these emotions among the people and hooked up those feelings to bills without actually having to go through the tough times no one wants to go through them but they're in this capable we're starting to go through them now you can see it happening up there in the country you can see it in both the horrible ratings the congress has the terrible ratings the president has of course you know we don't want to wish suffering on ourselves but i do think that we need to reckon with the fact that if you have decade after decade after decade of serious structural problems which we have compounded by the way that we're governing there is going to be a reckoning but haven't we been separated guess he was and how he defines. you mean
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economically financially because yeah we've been suffering since you can say two thousand and eight and that might just get worse i mean but we've also been living in this decade of this post nine eleven era which in my mind there's some suffering involved there were involved in multiple wars abroad if we have our civil liberties constantly constantly being eroded through new legislation that's being passed it seems like this is something else the building for a really really long time and so i'm just wondering you know what it's going to take if it might reach some kind of a tipping point well you know you're right that it has been building but i would argue that what's been building has been you know the sort of searing social experience that we saw with you know the great depression or world war two or even you know with vietnam you know people are getting drafted this is something that affected you know every american. what we have now is you know well we'll send this little volunteer army into iraq we'll send some guys into afghanistan and we're trying to outsource the suffering to a very small number of people and so what we did well we have to take our shoes off and we have to shuffle through this line it's it's degrading and it's wearing on
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our patients but it's not even the kind of thing where we can say we all went through this together and it drew us closer together as a people were falling through that line at t.s.a. we're not being drawn closer together i just wonder how we can be drawn closer together as a people because if you ask me if you look at the media with the political culture out there and everything is just so tightly wound to make it about partisanship right to convince the american people that we are just so fundamentally different democrats and republicans the left versus the right that we don't have anything in common anymore and how do you get people to look past that i mean i feel like if you watch the news too is this constant machine that's trying to crank it out and they don't want to talk about poverty figures and the fact that there are forty six million people out there in america who cares where they might be coming from what their background is there are suffering together how to get the rest of everybody to join it well you know this isn't a particularly happy answer but i think the answer is washington fails manifestly so evidently fails at a certain point in time people say ok billions of dollars what do. we see you know
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maybe a tiny other children are they have all the money they have all the power well look at look at exactly what it is that we can piss off with which is the rule of obvious the rule of sort of corporate influence in government. that the tom daschle of the world you know to grab a example that seems to be from the distant past but really wasn't that long ago and he's typical of a lot of guys who are typical at a certain point in time americans are going to stop looking to washington to give us a recovery right to get us out of the mess it's part of the mass and it's going to take i think a psychological flipping of the switch but i revolutionary medical the arms we had to get people to psychologically flip a switch if they're sitting around watching football in their couches i'm talking about right what don't send the same people back to washington for service if you're serious about fighting incumbency than just throw the bums out there so there's a there's a throw the bums out aspect to it but even beyond that it's what do you replace it with do you replace it with different problems or do you replace it with you know pay much more attention what's going on in state legislatures pay a lot more attention to local politics actually hauling the center of gravity away
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from washington and caring less about what goes on there in spite of the fact that you know paradoxically it seems like if it's not going on in washington it's not happening stepping out of that mindset you know it's going to take some work and it's going to take taking on the burdens of politics in towns counties or states but again what's the alternative well head sounds nice but i partially i feel like we're going to see more buses probably replace the other ones james thanks so much for joining us tonight. now or the time we have i wednesday this never you said it i read it and then a break and come to the rescue believe you are swirling around the financial world but is it realistic to think that looking. into that only a military mechanisms can do the work up to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as
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a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so small a sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok if you don't i'm trying hard look at the big picture. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here. i think iraq is needed and wanted well.
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we have a government says they're keeping safe get ready because you give them their freedom . for. fear.
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all right it's time for you said it i read it right take time to respond to my brilliance and engaging the recall dance from facebook twitter and you tube because when you've got something to say i listen now first on respond to a viewer who watched my main stream miss on monday about the lack of media coverage of a very important court ruling or a judge ruled that the cia could keep all of its documents on its drone strikes in pakistan afghanistan and elsewhere secret now one of our viewers don't appreciate my criticism and obama chronicles said on you tube alone or should be al qaeda spokeswoman thank god we don't hire these kinds of crazies in our government complacency is the reason why events like nine eleven happened just ask the clinton administration now first off a more examiner standing how me thinking of the cia should disclose information on its drone program equals advocating for complacency i'm advocating for openness and for good reason the cia claims that it's killed over six hundred militants since may have twenty percent and not one single noncombatants and that's just a lie a recent report from the british bureau of investigative journalism which we spoke
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about earlier on our show concluded that at least forty five civilians were killed in ten strikes during the last year alone so i'm just curious how questioning the secrecy of the drone program when there is more than ample evidence of the cia is lying about the number of casualties it's led to constitute complacency apparently one of the government to be honest about the number of people it killed or the countries that operates and makes me an al qaeda sympathizer funny because i think it makes me an american who wants to know the true. and that's what the government doesn't mining and i want to move on to the shocking census report released yesterday that revealed that more than forty six million americans are now living in poverty a truly sad number but gents of four zero eight said on you tube still there's lots of money for wars all over the world and huge military budgets man talk about getting your priorities straight all the taxpayer money is going to is going towards the war machines and you know we spend a lot of time talking about how much money is spent on defense in the united states versus social services and with this latest report those numbers become even more
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important to highlight the u.s. spends fifty three percent of all discretionary spending on defense on housing assistance health education get fixed five and five percent respectively those numbers don't show where our priorities lie but i don't know what does and finally i want to respond to a very kind viewer who e-mailed us michael accounts he said oh my god you guys are awesome i've been trying to find a state t.v. station that doesn't suck ass like fox news or c.n.n. last alone is just downright hot and she says the word kick ass i like how you guys actually cover everything else the others don't thank you now i didn't know that meeting crap a lot was a selling point to my fans but i'll take it thank you again for watching and if my ranting today and i'll be back as usual with more next week. and i guess today the new deficit commission held one of its first meetings to establish how the supercommittee will tackle the difficult task of saving one point two trillion dollars in government spending over the next ten years and as we pointed out to you last week defense environment is currently the recipient of over fifty percent of
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all government discretionary spending over the debt deal from this summer is forcing the military to cut three hundred fifty billion dollars over the next decade so a lot of people military worry that those billions are just the beginning of defense cuts personally i have my doubts now one of the areas from defense that's found itself under the spending microscope our military contractors and after a recent study by the project on government oversight it's hard not to see why but we all know the defense contractors have the deepest pockets and the best lobbyists contractors have also been the government's go to because they've always been called the cheaper alternative to having americans own military perform a certain job and actually doesn't stop it just defense we use contractors for everything now the project on government oversight has revealed that the u.s. government is actually paying billions more when it doles out work to defense contractors as opposed to keeping that word amongst its own military and fact pogo determined that the u.s. has agreed to pay service contractors approximately one point eight three times more than it would pay its own government employees in total compensation that's
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almost twice as much and one situation the amount of money the government shelled out to a private contractor for a job was five times what it would have paid in full compensation to federal employees and the government oversight projects that an analysis of thirty five occupational classifications thirty three of them reveal that federal workers would be a less expensive alternative to hiring contractors now those those seem like an endless statistics there but let me show you an example or two of the excessive spending if you know that i t. work is often outsourced because people think the contractors would offer superior skills for less money unfortunately break it down doesn't quite work that way and i see contractor who earn about two hundred sixty eight thousand a year but if you go. that seems fast to a government worker in about one hundred thirty six thousand here that's almost half the money accounting positions also have a noticeable kate pay gap with contractors earning almost three hundred thousand employees yearly salary meanwhile federal accounting employees average about one hundred ninety thousand per year two point five times more for the contractor
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position there so if you example like those we can wonder how much money is the biggest american defense contractors raking in each year here's some figures for twenty ten lockheed martin company building the f. thirty five fighter jets that are currently grounded received thirty eight billion worth of grumman thirty two billion and boeing brought in a little over twenty seven billion dollars from government business and we should also know all three of those companies have been penalized for some form of misconduct whether it be environmental violation or contract fraud so there you have it just a glimpse of all our federal dollars are really going right into the pockets of the contractors and the worst part is of course if the government wasn't in so tight with these companies we might actually be able to cut some of that government leaks in spending. now as the euro crisis continues to swell with some french banks being downgraded today and a greek default becoming a when not if we're seeing some rather interesting developments emerging economies might be stepping in italy and china have been arranging for the chinese to buy
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italian gaunts brazil's finance minister has even gone as far as proposing that when the brics need of the i.m.f. in washington next week they figure out a way to rescue or bail out europe and there are a lot of questions when it comes to their ability to do so and the motives behind it but can we just stand back for a minute realize how flipflops the world has become joining me from our studio in new york to discuss it is simone foxman writer for the business insider someone i want to thank you for joining us tonight and first starters i mean even if the bric countries do decide to go ahead with this they want to buy more european bonds could they feasibly have enough money to actually save europe from its debt crisis . well it turns out they actually might they're big countries they have a lot of liquid assets in fact they have a lot of assets in currency reserves of the euro so the lot of euro denominated assets that they're really looking to protect and i think that's why they're so
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interested in it because this essentially presents an endgame for the whole sovereign debt crisis a lot i thought of a. no no i mean i think it does kind of push a lot of problems under the rug but it might be a good solution so well there are a lot of you out there that are pretty skeptical if they're already looking at the numbers the brazils throwing around they think that maybe it's just a political move right brazil for example for a long time wanting a larger position on the world stage this because make could make them look like somebody who wants to come in and go to the rescue and china when it comes to dealing with italy there r.t. they're already putting demands on this basically saying that they have to be considered a full market economy by the e.u. . well i mean it is a political move it's you know this is a changing world order this is now you have emerging market economies that have traditionally been less powerful i suppose except for with the exception of russia
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the traditionally been less powerful than europe and the united states now saying well actually you guys need us you need you need our help or the whole world is going to go under but let's talk about how interesting that that flip is right especially considering the fact that you look back at brazil and these are countries that have you go about in the past that had to do with the i.m.f. and now it's been changed and you know joe biden all over the business insider actually pointed out something interesting today saying that this is really a ludicrous wall seems like they might have more cash on hand per capita g.d.p. in china and brazil they're still at much much lower levels than any of the european nations are and so essentially because because the e.u. has itself now you know entrenched in this monetary system where other countries can't have their own currency and because it's a system it's failing the poor countries are having to bail out the rich well i mean that's what it seems like and i know joe wrote that it's ludicrous but. city
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a u.b.s. analyst also wrote that actually the math adds up so it's far more possible than i think anyone would have thought possible maybe a month ago also on the table i suppose is out there there are russian officials talking about perhaps the g. twenty in in conjunction could all go in and provide funds to bail out europe i mean look you're going to have a lot of people saying at the absolutely not this is never going to happen but the truth of the matter is that they're denying you know the last ten years where emerging markets are really really growing and are threatening you know the dominance of the united states the dominance of euro. now of course there are number of the countries within the eurozone are in trouble right now but greece at the moment is basically become the one to everyone says well it's not a matter of if anymore it's just when germany the german economy minister seems to think that it can happen in an orderly fashion for greece to do you fault what do
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you think the chances of that happening are. i mean it changes every day look at the orderly proposal for them to default will set out in july in less germany wants to make some significant investments of its own that's really the plan that's going to have to happen or else we're not going to get that orderly default i mean the alternative being that the bric countries step in it just seems so unlikely right now but part of that could be just political brinkmanship we saw it here in the united states with the debt ceiling the same things going on in europe i think when greece gives them a deadline all of a sudden do. a lot more the leaders of european sovereigns will do a lot more to say ok who let's get this under control because you know the clock is ticking the time it's going to go off well that's basically what tim geithner is saying right now to he's saying that if you look at you know the crisis going on financially around the world it's due to political dysfunction in the u.s.
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in europe more than anything else that's really what's with the heart of it now here we are talking about the euro crisis but i feel like for many americans it doesn't really resonate and you could say of course we have our own problems to worry about right now high unemployment our recession but do you think that americans don't get it that if indeed greece does the fall of a number of european banks go under and it's going to factors mean we don't even know how vulnerable our own banks are at this moment. i'd venture to say that it's already affecting us i mean the a lot of the reasons our markets aren't turning around is because of europe is because banks are so interconnected that they really can't make decisions without knowing how their multinational assets are going to fare in the next few months are banks are in a lot better shape than they were and honestly probably in a lot better shape than a lot of european banks and no one wants to spend no big companies want to spend because you know what if they spend it all their money is gone the next day that i
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mean i think i think this would have a huge impact for the united states i do think people are missing this and i think this is something they need to wake up to and are going to wake up to very fast if if we continue going down this downward spiral markets are already crazed because of this there is just you're going to see a few high days for the u.s. but really no substantial growth no substantial recovery can happen without this being sorted out overseas fortunately this is something that we as americans really do need to pay attention to are it's among thanks so much for joining us tonight thank you. also ahead a war with islam and the u.s. should limit the number of muslims who come to this country those comments are authentic and it might fall from a war with a happy hour later bad-ass a new word spells now it would have a message on gay marriage last sarah palin then has a scandal with pat i think that an affair with an n.b.a. star and drug use according to a new book is about to hit store shelves and that was from.
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inside only a military mechanisms do the work of supreme justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. well i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so small a complete you think you understand it and then he did something else here's some other part of it and realized everything you saw you don't. charge is a big issue. let's
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not forget that we had an apartheid regime. i think the evil one well. we never government says they're for keeping us safe get ready because you're going to your freedom.
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i decided i told my ward and i to go to michigan senate candidate here can actually i'm a businessman the tea party candidate running for office for the first time on a pogo watches in michigan say here is a long shot to win the g.o.p. nomination next year but he's trying and like many tea party members he the very worried about us spending taxes and too much government overreach he hasn't had run any political ads yet but we did find a video online today so you can hear him in his own words we the people never granted federal authority over retirement healthcare charity or most of the other functions over which government has assumed control my solution is to limit
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government to its authorized constitutional duties and let the people decide the best solutions to their own needs. oh yeah evil tea party candidate and fact is called for the elimination of all non-constitutional federal programs like social security medicare and medicaid and other social programs that help people survive now on tuesday peter took part in a forum with several other g.o.p. candidates in michigan i get this he told the crowd that he supports the limits on the number of muslims who should be allowed to immigrate into the u.s. the grand rapids press reported that during the forum peter said quote right now we're at war with is long actually we're not peter you're not just perpetuating the idea that we're involved in a massive holy war which is wrong but if we are in a war with islam as peter claims and this has to be a top issue on his campaign web site right we went to peter can actually dot com today to do a little taking and the top of the page we found a big donate button now is a no name candidate i'm guessing the donations aren't really rolling in there's also
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a message about why he's running for senate it's kind of boring so i'm not going to read it so maybe the war on islam issue can be found under positions on his website well there we found a long list of issues that peter's concerned about ranging from the second amendment to abortion down to the economy taxes and term limits and we never found anything about muslims islam or the war on terror we even checked his immigration section and it's got nothing so far really a war with islam to limit the number of muslims who immigrate to the u.s. wiseness involved here connections website i think it could just be another case of a long shot candidate trying to tap into islamophobia in his state to get support with no real policy positions to back it up i'm saying yes on that but the big issue here of course is the still the fact that he wants to limit the number of muslims entering the country and we want to quote out i guess what peter we have something called the freedom of religion it's in that constitution that you claim to hold so dear so we're playing on people's fear to win votes we get g.o.p. candidate peter can actually tonight's bull's-eye award.
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hard time for a happy hour and joining me this evening r.t. correspondent christine for sal and james fallows host of the bottom line and reform school on p.g.a. t.v. thanks for joining you guys now this first story over woods and making fun of me all day because i just really love it for some reason but for those of you who maybe not for are not familiar let me introduce you to warren ramsey. ok so he's a world famous sheriff who also has a world famous attitude and likes to cuss a lot and have a lot of t.v. shows but now there is these reports that a gordon ramsay drug war the poor and dwarf excuse me this guy was a thirty five year old porn star who is just starting to make it happen to look
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like grams the that he was eaten by a badger and they just found his body parts i mean i guess it's gross but people are also saying that they maybe just made up this story because no one's ever heard of this guy and there's no record of him so can you imagine a process that goes through tabloids to actually come up with a story of finding and warf there's also a porn star they also looks like gordon ramsay also got eaten by a badger understood to be told that it was in fact the honey badger. i have to admit it's pretty creative i mean i remember growing up there was always that story the day that you heard that axl rose died or the dead you heard you know somebody crazy died and it turned out they had it but it certainly got everybody talking and it certainly got everybody interested so maybe this is like you said a p.r. campaign launched by cute little gordon ramsay's midgets. so i just i think it was just my favorite my favorite headline of the days gordon ramsay point where i want to make sure that his body destroyed by the band has or are healthy one is something i guess we call it a little bit more serious.

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